What’s the Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2?
What’s the Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2?

Present day Warfare 2 is the top rated game from Infinity Ward, and was one of the most expected diversion arrivals ever before its delivery in November 2009. From that point forward, a huge number of individuals have purchased the game and have begun playing on the web against one another, and discusses have seethed about which is the best weapon.

There are a few unique 'classes' of firearm - Assault Rifle, SMG, Sniper Rifle, Handgun and Heavy Machine Gun. Of these, by a wide margin the most flexible and most utilized is the Assault Rifle, since a large portion of them are great at close, medium and long reach. So which is the best Assault Rifle in the game? There are a couple of competitors for the award - we should investigate the best 2.

The ACR is thought of as by a lot of people of the top players to be the weapon of decision. Its fundamental assets? 7mm-08 ammo in stock precision and essentially zero force. It's fundamental shortcoming, nonetheless, is that it's the most un-strong of the rifles in general, and you'll require the 'Halting Power' perk prepared to cause any genuine harm.

The M16 is dangerous at long-to-medium reach, as you can take out a rival effortlessly by means of shooting a speedy 3-shot burst at them. The precision of this firearm is unnerving, and firing individuals on a completely open guide turns into a delight as you'll feel like Rambo. The main issue with this firearm is that it's not entirely ideal at short proximity. In the event that you see a foe coming around a corner and you take shots at

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